Fabric swatch cards catalogues

Production of customized swatch cards. Surface Mounted Cards: printed card stock with fabric swatches on one or both sides. Cutting, assembly and packaging of fabric of all typologies. We can made card strips of die-cut pasteboard. Fabric swatches can be pinked, straight edge cut, or even die cut. We pay maximum attention to supporting materials and use only premium-quality thermal paper and double-sided tape in order to achieve the cleanest and most durable results. We can help you design your next sample collection for specific events like Trade Fairs, Corporate Events, Shows etc.

Stack books for furnishing fabrics

We manufacture catalogues and bunches that include samples of tissue and fabric of various types, folders, brochures and so on. Sample books are most often a permanently bound presentation. This allows for a more controlled presentation to the viewer, encouraging your materials to be seen together. This permanence also means that the entire presentation is dependent on the timeliness and longevity of the entire collection of materials shown. With smaller swatch sizes and manufacturing processes more suited to large quantities, sample books are a good way to make the product viewable in more locations. Stack books and stack pads are the most common sample book used in the furnishings market. Stack books consist of individual swatches stacked on top of each other and permanently bound into a turned-edge case. Swatches are most often pinked, but they can be straight edge cut depending on the materials. Some fabrics require serging to limit fraying. Swatches are usually identified by a printed identification strip which runs along the bottom edge of the swatch back We are happy to accommodate every client's request in order to come up with unique solutions. Our catalogues are designed in order to make it easy, for both clients and agents, to view each single product line and range, thus effectively improving the visual impact and general product quality awareness. We are the first to have implemented a high-quality, dedicated finishing system using double-sided thermal paper. We internally manage every step of the production and offer a fast, no-compromise service making sure the highest quality standards are always met thanks to a very thorough internal job division.

Presentation Hangers

We always pay utmost attention to detail. We produce hanging samples for the furnishing market. Hanging samples are typically large enough to allow the user the ability to drape, fold or hang the sample in a way that matches its intended use, such as covering an upholstery frame, or window. Individual hanging samples are bound into a hanger style cap and are usually identified with tickets, or ID cards. The application of labels is performed by a dedicated machine (which we patented) that thermically fixes them, effectively minimizing the risk of errors caused by typical manual processing. This ensures the most professional results. Presentation hangers are ideal selling tools when you want to present a coordinated set of materials in a retail environment. They are bound into a hanger style cap and are usually identified with identification strips or individual labels Presentation hangers can have straight, pinked and serged edges depending on the material being sampled.

Decorative Packaging and Ring Binders

We offer an extensive range of coating solutions such as canvas, paper, leather or fabric. You can also have your own logo printed on the outer frame. These kinds of coating are generally used for binders, catalogues or sample books. Our attention to detail is not limited to the actual quality of the samples. We commit to each project in a unique way and strive to find the perfect solution for packagings as well.

Sample Displays

Ideal for showrooms, shops or exhibitions, we can design and customize sample displays following our clients' specifications.

Textile Industry

Yarn & Ribbon sample Card Bundles and Yarn sample book. Yarn sample color card. We can make fabric sample book, hanger, color card, memos and other kind of fabric samples. We reel the yarn onto the card strip and stick the card strip on to the printed paper cover. We implement special procedures for knitting, washing, processing, ironing and cutting yarn so that it never frays.

Wool Sample books

Centro Campionari offers the best complete and customize solutions for wool sample books. We deal with washing, processing, ironing and cutting the wool and we provide printed or neutral paper card, also for small quantities.

Self assembly cardboard boxes

We have a various range of high quality cardboard boxes for your packaging needs.

Fabric swatch cards catalogues for clothing industries

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